The results of a survey of 385 not-for-profit organisations in Australia and New Zealand identified a significant under-investment in IT, with many organisations using systems that aren’t working well enough to provide efficient services. 

Highlights from the survey include:

  • Each year, non-profits spend $3,400 per full time employee on digital technologies.
  • Organisations without an IT plan are over 4 times more likely to report that their systems are incapable of capturing information about client outcomes.
  • The number of organisations using the Cloud increased 30% since last year’s survey, and now most organisations have already moved, or plan to move a significant proportion of their systems to the cloud.
  • 46% of organisations report that their systems don’t work well for them, indicating significant opportunities for improvement.
  • The biggest challenges are IT budget and tech capacity. Conversely key priorities include improvements to website and client/member information management systems.

Source: Digital Technology for The Not-For-Profit Sector in 2018 – Connecting Up, TechSoup New Zealand and Infoxchange.