At NFP Resource, we are dedicated to supporting non-profit organisations in New Zealand by providing valuable and relevant content through blogs and articles.

We aim to foster knowledge-sharing, empower non-profits, and promote best practices for their growth and success.

To ensure that our content aligns with our mission and values, we have established the following editorial policy:

  1. Focus on General Interest: We only publish information that is of general interest to small non-profit organisations in New Zealand. Our content should be relevant and applicable to a wide range of non-profits, without focusing on the interests of specific organizations or sectors.
  2. Non-Promotional Content: We do not publish articles that promote specific products, services, or (with minor exceptions at the editors’ discretion) individual non-profit organizations . Our content should be unbiased and avoid any direct or indirect commercial promotion.
  3. Original and Unique Content: We encourage the submission of original and unique content that has not been published elsewhere. We may republish information produced by other organisations. In such cases we may publish a short extract with a link to the complete original content, or, with approval, publish the complete article with appropriate acknowledgement of copyright. We retain the right to determine what content may, or may not, be published
  4. Accuracy and Reliability: We strive to maintain the highest level of accuracy and reliability in our content. Authors should ensure that their submissions are well-researched, fact-checked, and based on credible sources.
  5. Editorial Independence: Our content is not influenced by external factors, including financial incentives or commissions. We are committed to maintaining editorial independence and will not publish articles for which we receive payment or commission. We may, however, accept sponsorship of the website or newsletter as a whole – with appropriate acknowledgement.
  6. Respectful and Inclusive Language: We expect all submissions to use respectful and inclusive language, promoting diversity and avoiding any discriminatory or offensive content.
  7. Relevance to Non-Profits: Articles should directly relate to the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for non-profit organisations in New Zealand. They should offer actionable insights, advice, or solutions.
  8. Appropriate Length and Format: Articles should be of an appropriate length, typically between 500 to 1000 words, and be written in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.
  9. Editorial Review Process: All submitted articles will go through an editorial review process to assess their suitability for publication. Our team may make minor edits for grammar, style, and clarity without altering the core message.
  10. Rights and Permissions: Authors retain the rights to their content but grant NFP Resource the right to publish the article on our website and promote it through our channels. We will include proper attribution to the author.
  11. No Payment for Articles: NFP Resource is a voluntary endeavour. We do not offer monetary compensation for articles published on our website. Authors contribute their work voluntarily, driven by a shared commitment to supporting the non-profit community.
  12. Promotion and Sharing: NFP Resource may promote published articles through our social media channels and newsletters, ensuring that valuable insights reach a wider audience within the non-profit sector.
  13. Frequency of Publication: We aim to publish new content regularly, but the frequency of publication may vary based on the volume and quality of submissions.

By adhering to this editorial policy, we can maintain the integrity of the content on NFP Resource, offering a valuable resource for non-profit organizations in New Zealand. We welcome contributions from passionate individuals who share our vision and are dedicated to making a positive impact in the non-profit sector. Together, we can build a stronger and more vibrant community of non-profit organizations in New Zealand.