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NonProfit Consulting, training and support

Palladium Associates Ltd

Are you having problems understanding the ins and outs of registration as a non-profit organisation with The Registrar of Incorporated Societies (Companies Office) or DIA Charities Services?

I’d be pleased to assist with trust deeds, advice on the formation of charitable trusts, incorporated societies and other non-profit organisations, rules, constitutions etc.

Do you need help with the Financial Reporting Standards for Tier 3/4 charities, governance matters etc?

I also offer training in basic governance matters for boards and committees of small non-profits and individuals. Please enquire.

  • Email: consultant@larryrobbins.biz 
  • Phone: 021 182 4545
  • Cost: My fees are modest and there is no charge for an initial discussion
  • Note: Larry Robbins is the principal of NFP Resource 


Peter Withers – Governance & Operational Advisor

  • Governance coaching for emerging directors
  • Governance structures, strategy and process for non-profits
  • Operational guidance and mentoring

Peter draws on decades of international experience in coaching, strategy, executive education and change management. He has worked within diverse cultures, multiple countries and challenging environments to build organisations, facilitate strategic thinking and develop emerging leaders.

  • Phone: 022 0173 798
  • Email: peter@peterwithers.co.nz


Oak Consulting – Health and Safety

Taking the fear or uncertainty out of health and safety, tailoring a plan specifically to your business, industry, or non-profit is what I’m great at.  I’ll make sure that you and your team understand what their obligations are under the Health and Safety Act 2015, and make sure that anyone in your business can pick up a health and safety document, understand it and relate it to the work they do.

Contact:    Rebekah Vincent, Managing Director, Oak Consulting NZ
Email:        Rebekah@oakconsultingnz.co.nz  
Website:   https://www.oakconsultingnz.co.nz/


Madi Keay – Fundraising/Marketing

I am a Funding Consultant with extensive experience working on both sides of the funding sector. I have developed successful funding strategies for various organisations, from small community groups to multi-million dollar campaigns for leading New Zealand charities. I have also worked within government agencies and trusts to distribute multi-million-dollar funds.

Within charities, my core areas of focus are strategic planning, process innovation, improving organisational efficiency and fundraising. I love working alongside passionate people to strengthen the internal processes and obtain the funding required to achieve their organisational goals. Please get in touch for a free initial consultation.

Email: hello@madikeay.co.nz

Website: madikeay.co.nz


Business Professional Services Ltd 

Associations and Charities need a sound governance framework to operate effectively and mitigate risk – a constitution, a code of conduct, policies and procedures and a strategic plan. BPSL can help ensure that you have an effective governance framework in place.



HelpTank is a digital platform that connects community organisations with skilled professional volunteers. HelpTank is free to community organisations seeking pro bono help such as strategy, web development, graphic design, business or marketing as well as a whole host of other professional skills. You simply register here and start listing your project and our team will contact you and help you along the way.

With employees from Z Energy, Xero, Spark and individual professionals using HelpTank, we have the ability to connect your organisation with amazing volunteers that can help you with specific projects that require a particular skill set.

If you have a project that requires help from a skilled volunteer, a volunteer team or want to find out more contact us by emailing  team@helptank.nz or visit our website www.helptank.nz

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Social Enterprise solutions – Fitzgerald & Associates

helping not-for-profits sustainably create social and environmental benefits


Seminars and one-day workshops

emPower Your Mission. Upskilling NFP professionals via our Not For Profit State of the Nation seminars and our One-Day Workshops.            

Web: www.charitytraining.net


Tilda Bostwick – Fundraising Talent Recruitment

A new recruitment service for professional fundraisers in the NFP sector.


McLaren Associates – Recruiting

Nationwide recruitment specialist for the Non-Profit sector

    • Contact: Kirsty McLaren

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