Steven Moe writes:

The Select Committee has just reported back on the Charities Act Amendments last week over here.  It may surprise some of you that I’m fine with the report and proposed changes as it seems to have been contentious for others.  I do not share the same view that this is a bad thing. 

I know many have been calling for a first principles review instead, but my view is this – be careful what you wish for.  There are many positions which are favourable for charities which could be up for consideration such as spiritual groups qualifying as charities and the tax exemptions for companies owned by charities.  A true first principles review would reconsider those matters too. 

That is why I am not opposed to the position taken and am glad the Select Committee agreed with some of my – and many others – submissions regarding a tightening of the definition of who is an officer and not requiring a yearly report on reviewing rules.  Let’s move on, and work with the tools we have been given.

An Alternative View