Researcher Maureen Macnamara writes:

“I’m looking for people who are in the process of starting up a new charity, not-for-profit or social enterprise, to participate in a research project I’m leading (run through Victoria University)

The project focuses on the very, very early stages of emergence – that is, the time between identifying a need or having a good idea, and arriving at a point where a new organisation is formed (whether as a charitable trust, incorporated society, company or other legal entity).

We want to find out what is happening in this stage, from people who are currently experiencing it – because a lot of what we know is based on retrospective information, and anecdotal evidence. This research is looking to add to what we already know by providing quantitative evidence.

Understanding more about this early stage will help people who are creating new NFPs, and those who support them and their founders. It will also provide valuable information about what is happening in the New Zealand context (a lot of research happens overseas, not here).

My request to is for help in getting my research project out there – there is no list of people who are starting these kinds of ventures, and they congregate in a lot of different places. But I’m hoping that your readership might know such people. … The survey closes on 31 August.”

Here’s the link to the survey or contact Maureen through her email.

Maureen Macnamara
021 242 2016

NFP Resource is not associated with the researcher or the project but hopes to publish the findings in due course.