Many charities and other registered non-profits have participated in Techsoup’s programmes to obtain discounted software and other technical products. Microsoft have been participating in this programme but have recently announced changes to the Microsoft not-for-profit program as of 4  April 2022.

  • Microsoft on-premises products will no longer be available to not-for-profits as a donation.
  • Microsoft on-premises products will be available at charitable discount prices.
  • For many, the end of Microsoft’s donation program will result in increased software costs.

TECHSOUP recommend that registered organisations take advantage of Microsoft Donations before it’s too late and recommend accessing the current Microsoft Donation Program if the organisation relies on on-premise licences (which NFP Resource takes to mean programs running from a PC or server as opposed to cloud-based programs). Registered organisation will be able to access the current Microsoft donation program up until 4 April 2022.

  • Take advantage of Microsoft on-premise donations before it is too late here.
  • Have questions? Need answers? Get in contact with the Techsoup team here.
  • You can read a blog post which explores these changes in further detail here. (You need to log in with your Techsoup account to access this blog)

Techsoup NZ advise: “We understand that these changes may have an impact on IT planning and budgeting for your organisation, and we are here to help. Enquire here or call 09 8870 291 and we can help answer your questions and provide you with recommendations tailored to the needs of your organisation.”