6 March 2023. NZPost Advise:

“We’re proud to be running our Delivering for Good programme for the third year, providing local organisations like you with free courier services to support initiatives that are working to improve connection, belonging and inclusion.

To us, delivering for New Zealand also means supporting the neighbourhoods and communities where we live and work. That’s why with Delivering for Good we’re giving up to 35,000 free courier services away to support your initiatives.

If this sounds like a programme that could help support what your organisation is trying to achieve we’d welcome you to apply now.


Here’s a bit more about how it works:

Step 1: Taking Applications:

Organisations can apply between Monday 6th and Sunday 26th March. Our panel will then select 10 organisations to receive a years’ worth of free courier services.

Step 2: Voting Begins

First, we ask New Zealanders to vote for one of our 10 organisations to receive an additional year’s worth of free courier services, then the people of NZ Post vote to determine an additional winner..

Step 3: Winner Announced

We’ll let the public know the winner of our people’s choice vote across a range of paid media support and be in touch with more detail about how we’ll work to facilitate the free courier services with them …”