From time to time, NFP Resource receives offers (etc) which we feel may be of interest to the NonProfit community. One such offer is detailed below. NFP Resource has no connection with the author or the program.

From Jacki Rowles

“I have been working with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute that delivers a training program originally developed at Google. This program was designed to drive high performance, personal effectiveness and wellbeing  (see As part of the final stage of the certification in this program I am able to offer it for  free.

There are several outcomes and benefits that participants experience from each program. On an individual level, I can help people manage stress, build focus and sustain high performance. On a group level, the program supports collaboration and teamwork by developing empathy and compassion.

What I love about this program is that it was originally designed  as an opportunity to create condition for World Peace and positive social change. Its a great program that enables wellbeing, improved relationships and effectiveness at work.

The program takes 4 mornings and needs to be completed before the end of May 

Group size : 10 – 30 participants 

Currently I work as an executive & EI coach and have a background in HR and Counselling, having worked as a counsellor and Group facilitator in Family violence on the North Shore for 8 years. 

I am able to offer significant discounts to Not For Profits going forward should anyone be interested in the program but be unable to meet this timeframe.”

For further information please see Search Inside Yourself_Program Information Guide SIYLI Program Data and Assessment

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