Updated 14 Feb 2021

Steven Moe of ParryField facilitated a discussion session on the topic of Fund Holding to gain perspectives and to then create a white paper on this topic explaining what the issues are, as well as the answers (we hope).

The Situation: A group of people want to do important social, environmental,  cultural or other charitable impact work in their community. A funder wants to support that work but there is no legal entity to send the funds to. Another charity agrees to act as Fund Holder and receive the funds for the project.

The Issues: On what basis are funds held from an accounting perspective? Does this trigger Financial Service Provision rules? How are funds released? What role does charitable status play? What form of agreement could set out this arrangement? What can we learn from “fiscal sponsorship” models used overseas? What does our framing and terminology say about relationships of power and how could we model relationships of collaboration by the choice of our words?”

Steven Moe facilitated this session with contributions from many including support from Kate Frykberg, Jamie Cattell, Alanna Irving, Monica Briggs and Craig Fisher.  A white paper will be developed following the discussion.

The recording is now up here for those who want to watch if you missed it, or review again.