A blog post by Barry Baker, and Brent Kennerley of Grant Thornton asks: “Is your Not for Profit enterprise prepared for a cyberattack? If the answer is ‘no’, you’re not alone.”

The article goes on to say: ” Our research report, Here for Good? uncovered some alarming statistics that highlighted cybersecurity as a major vulnerability in the sector:

  • Only 43% of NFPs invested in cyber security over the past two years.
  • Just 27% plan to invest in cyber security over the next two to three years.
  • 37% of NFPs do not have effective procedures to detect and report data breaches.

This data along with many high profile cyber attack events is a huge concern, so we recently hosted a roundtable event about cyber security with some local NFPs. We talked about why the sector is particularly prone to underinvesting in cybersecurity and what the sector can do to start addressing this weakness. After all, phishing attempts and ransomware attacks show no signs of abating, and it only takes one person to inadvertently click on a malicious link and give a cybercriminal access to all of your organisation’s sensitive information. The financial and reputational impacts can be devastating …”
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