Ian Leader, MD of Local Works Ltd , recently wrote an interesting  article which we are pleased to share here … 

New Zealand ranks right up there in the list of most generous countries. We give freely of our money and time. However, there is a growing trend towards new models of ‘giving’ which move away from the traditional mendicant model of fundraising and philanthropy. The old benefactor/ beneficiary charity approach no longer ticks the box for many organisations who are wanting a relationship and some form of reciprocity.

A Two Way Street
The first step to achieving these new-style partnerships is the acceptance that businesses and communities can and should profit through the relationship. This ’profit’ may take many forms and is by no means just about money, encompassing all four components of the Quadruple Bottom Line – economic, social, environmental and cultural … <Download the whole article in pdf format>

<Another article from Ian Leader:  “Community Investment Moving Away from Silos”  (pdf download)>