Sue Barker,
Director of SUE BARKER CHARITIES LAW recently issued the following message:

“You will no doubt have seen the Minister’s proposals for charities law reform released last week:

I personally believe they are an insult to the sector – they will do nothing to benefit New Zealand’s communities and are more likely to act perversely to preclude the sector’s real issues from being addressed. If you’re interested, I was interviewed on Morning Report about it on Friday:

On a related note, Trust Democracy are holding a workshop on 22 June at 7.30pm entitled Charities are worth it! – please see the following link in case it might be of interest:

Please also see the following article in case it might be of interest:

Charities beware – the government is trying to remove your rights of appeal – again!

Note: These views represent those of Sue Barker. They are not necessarily the views of the NFPResource Board.