The Sir Ray Avery controversy shows why we need to shine a light on charities

At NFP Resource we continually scan the websites of various news outlets for general news about charities and other non-profit organisations in New Zealand and promulgate the links on our ‘News’ page in order that our readers can keep up to date with the sector. (“We do it so that you don’t have to” as the somewhat over-used saying goes!)

We have recently been following the controversy over Eden Park and Sir Ray Avery’s proposed charity concert. As we only tend to link to ‘general’ charity news and have no wish to ‘bag’ Sir Ray or his project, we have not linked to those articles. It has all been widely-covered in the media in any case.

However, we came across an article in the 11 August 2018 issue of the Listener (published on 3 August) which we feel contains a number of lessons from which those in the not-for-profit sector will do well to learn. The thoughtful editorial article is linked below and we have taken the unusual step of featuring it in our posts (as well as on the ‘News’ page) because we feel the content is pertinent to us all.

<Read the article on the NOTED website here>