STATS NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa advise that the 2018 Non Profit Institutions Satellite Account (NPISA) was released on 27 March 2020. <Access the Report>  The publication includes the first release of 2020 data for the non profit sector in New Zealand as well as the revised 2013 data.

Key Facts: 

  • NPIs’ (Non-Profit Institutions) contribution to GDP in 2018 was $8.1 billion (2.8 percent of GDP) compared with $6.2 billion (2.9 percent of GDP) in 2013.
  • The value of volunteering is estimated at $4 billion.
  • Membership, donations, and grants (including government grants) make up 29 percent of NPI income.
  • The number of paid employees in the NPI sector has increased 10 percent to 150,630.
  • Volunteer hours have remained stable at 159 million.
The figures compare data at year ended March 2018 with year ended March 2013 unless otherwise stated.