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Your CRM Fundamentals

For most charities the “CRM” is the beating heart of their:

  • Fundraising
  • Supporter Care
  • Communications and
  • Payments ecosystem

Thus the CRM is the fundamental system that helps drive the mission. It may support Volunteers, Client Care or other key specialist needs of the organisation. If you use your CRM for non-fundraising purposes, it is vital this is included in your planning. 

A good CRM expands your horizon of opportunity. It enables you:

  • To imagine different strategies
  • To easily innovate
  • To save costs
  • To Maximise revenue
  • It meets all your current real needs
  • It meets or will meet your foreseen needs
  • The product will offer innovations spontaneously

Your CRM Partner

A good CRM partner Is dedicated to Fundraising, Support Engagement and the not-for-profit sector. A good simple example is when you go to buy a coffee.

“If you go to a petrol station and buy a coffee, you know what you are buying.
If you go to specialist coffee shop, whose only business is ‘making great coffee’ you will notice the difference.”

Your CRM partner should be dedicated to the not-for-profit sector and should have a track record of sustained success in delivering solutions to organisations like you …

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