The NZ Initiative (A think-tank formed from the 2012 merger of the New Zealand Business Roundtable and the New Zealand Institute ) has published (2015) a report paper on the subject. The report “introduces the concept of SIBs, outlining its general strengths and challenges. The report then looks at how SIBs have been implemented overseas, and what lessons New Zealand can learn from overseas experience. Finally, the report includes a number of suggestions for how SIBs can be successfully applied in New Zealand, given our unique political and regulatory environment. ”   <Read More>

At the end of May 2015 the NZ Ministry of Health advised  that “The Government has given the green light to piloting social bonds in New Zealand.

Other Comment:
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Social impact bonds: is the dream over? (Guardian UK –  May 2014)
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Paul Riley is the Executive Director of Key Assets UK – part of a global company which specialises in placing foster children in homes and other social and family services. He was interviewed on Radio New Zealand on 16 June.  Listen here.