We have frequently been called upon to assist small charities who are struggling with the complexity of the XRB reporting format required to comply with the DIA Charities Annual Report.

A Tier 4 charity  is one which:

  • has annual operating payments under $125,000
  • has no public accountability
  • uses cash based (as opposed to accrual) accounting

(download DIA Charities Guide)

A simplified template has recently been issued for those Tier 4 charities which have:

  • a single bank account
  • few or no other significant resources (the things you own such as cars, land or buildings)
  • few or no significant commitments (the things you owe such as bank loans)
  • not entered into other complex transactions (such as multi-year grants or controlling businesses).

The template and an accompanying guide are available on the DIA Charities website


Source: Charities Services Newsletter February 2022