Our consultant has received a number of enquiries about an invoice by the NZ Trustees Association (NZTA) that a number of his clients have received.

Last year the NZ Trustees Association embarked upon a programme to increase membership by offering complimentary free membership for a year. The NZTA is a legitimate and trustworthy organisation, but in what appears to be an embarrassing computer-enhanced error, a number of invoices have been sent out to non-profits and charities who, in the main, do not seem to have requested NZTA membership.

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DIA Charities Services have issued the following email:

ALERT: Received an invoice by the NZ Trustees Association?

You may have received an invoice on 31 March 2016 from the New Zealand Trustees Association for an annual membership fee.

Many charities have raised concerns with us about receiving this invoice. As a result of these concerns we have contacted the New Zealand Trustees Association who we understand has recently issued a statement of retraction and apology.

We are in contact with our Department’s Electronic Messaging Compliance Team and are forwarding all queries we receive to them for consideration. If you have been directly affected we suggest you contact the New Zealand Trustees Association on 0800 48 48 50.

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