Information about payday filing has been available for some time, and IRD have been pro-active in contacting small employers, but a number of small charities and non-profits who will be affected still appear to be uncertain about it.

Payday filing is currently voluntary but will be mandatory from 1 April 2019. It behoves all non-profits who employ and pay people to be ready to start payday filing as soon as possible.

Inland Revenue have held a number of seminars around the country recently but if you missed out, you can still watch an on-demand webinar on payday filing or register for IRD’s next upcoming webinar .

Inland Revenue’s website provides you with important information about payday filing and videos to help you get ready.

On the payday filing webpage you’ll find:
           • An explanation of payday filing in a nutshell
           • The benefits of payday filing for employers and employees
           • Ways to payday file, including how to payday file through the
                                                             file upload or online entry methods
           • How to switch to payday filing now, and how to let IRD know you
                                                              are shifting to payday filing

IRD suggest that “Payday filing is a big part of making tax simpler and more accurate for all New Zealanders.”

If you have any questions, please contact