Steven Moe of Parry Field has helpfully provided a link to a record of a discussion between 60 sector practitioners.

“In this video recorded Friday 27 March 2020 we have a korero with about 60 of us joining in on the call. First up we hear from four different people with their perspectives then we split into groups to discuss.

The initial speakers are:

o Mark Prain (Founding Director of Hillary Institute of International Leadership) with a comment on where we are at

o Sarah Doherty (Doherty Solutions and Co-Chair of Charities Sector Group) with sector perspective

o Andrew Phillips (Engagement Manager at Charities Services) with their perspective and what they would like to know from us

o Sue McCabe (CEO of Philanthropy NZ) on funders’ views and other thoughts​.”

View the video (32 minutes) here

View video of the second such meeting