A new bequest service – QuestForABequest.co.nz has launched.  

Quest For A Bequest is a service for charities and estate lawyers wanting to ensure that bequest details in a will are correct. The idea is a collaboration between a lawyer, Reg Newell of Upper Hutt, and Heather Newell, fundraiser, who both want to make it easy for people to leave a legacy to their favourite charity.

As a lawyer Reg became very frustrated about the amount of time spent trying to find charity information, CC numbers, preferred wording and making sure the charity really did what the client wanted. And his waiting room was cluttered with outdated charity brochures!

Heather knows the charity sector well and is aware of how charity structures, reorganisations and changing charity objectives could impact on charity bequests.
Now it’s simple for lawyers to find charity bequest information. The charity creates its
listing, CC number, preferred bequest wording and special notes, for a small fee. And the
estate lawyer can find everything they need on one single page. And each listing has a page viewing counter just so the charity can measure the effectiveness of its bequest campaigns.

The service costs $99.00+ GST.

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