We recently received the following message from Dave Henderson who has been active in fora on the Review of the Charities Act.  He has been involved in a recent series of seminars around the country, where mention was made of the conference of the Charities Law Association of Australia and New Zealand.

Dave writes:

“The conference took place, and we had two whole days to discuss and debate all the issues that came up in the seminars. Several respected international experts contributed.

You can find the recordings of most session and the slides from presenters on the CLAANZ website at the link below.


Sue and I both presented – my presentation (in Session 6) included some preliminary results from the Survey we undertook with the support and assistance of Strategic Grants, www.strategicgrants.co.nz that we talked about in the seminars. The results are a significant contribution to the Review.

Meanwhile, based on feedback and the conversations we’ve been privileged to be part of, Sue has been further developing our Issues Paper preparatory to the closing date for submissions on 31 May. You can still request an emailed copy of that, or of our shorter Summary version, from me or from Sue at susan.barker@charitieslaw.co

Finally, we are posting lots of material to the facebook page, Charities Act Review 2019; https://www.facebook.com/groups/1932023316889903/ . Thanks to everyone who has posted copies of their submissions, and drafts, to the site. The material is valuable and really helpful!”


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