Meetings and Minutes are areas that often cause considerable anxiety and frustration amongst boards and committees.

Governance New Zealand has just published information about two video training courses on the subjects. Whilst we at NFP Resource have not viewed them, Governance NZ is a highly respected organisation with a solid reputation.

The notice from Governance NZ advises:


Running Effective Meetings – Online Training Video
A well-run meeting saves time and money, increases motivation and productivity, and helps an organisation connect with its strategic intent.
This 20 minute video provides a number of very practical ways you can make immediate improvements to the meeting procedures of your organisation.
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Taking Effective Minutes – Online Training Video
Minutes don’t just take themselves. They require crafting to record the important points of a discussion and any decisions made related to that discussion.
This 20 minute video provides a number of very practical ways that you can immediately improve your skills in minute taking
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This workshop offers practical guidance on the core functions of meetings, minute-taking and recording resolutions and is ideal for anyone involved in preparing meetings or recording procedures for any form of meeting e.g. board meeting, AGM’s, special meetings or shareholder meetings.
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Wednesday 8 May, 1-4pm, Dunedin
Thursday 23 May 9-12noon Auckland


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