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We know things do not always go to plan, and non-profits can be adversely affected, no matter how devoted your organisation is to doing great work in the community.

The one-size-fits-all approach to your risk management could make you vulnerable. Should a board member, employee, volunteer, or fundraiser be liable due to your activities, legal action could be brought against your non-profit organisation. Your organisation’s exposures can be limited by having good insurance and, importantly, good advice in this area.

A good broker will ensure you have a well-structured and designed insurance solution that meets the specialist needs of charities and non-profit organisations in New Zealand. When it comes to a claim, your broker should act and advocate on your behalf to achieve a fair and prompt outcome, so that you can focus on making an impact on your community. Whether you are large or small, local or a national organisation, a sports club, or a health charity, it should be your broker’s mission to understand your objectives, and to help provide the best insurance and risk management solution for today, and for the future.

A tailored business insurance policy can underwrite many of the risks a not-for-profit organisation faces, helping community and philanthropic organisations to focus on the causes and communities they support. Whether you belong to a charity or non-profit organisation, day-to-day activities involve interacting with people, including employees, volunteers, fundraisers, and those who receive your support and aid.

Not-for-profit insurance solutions need to be specifically designed to protect your organisation’s liability exposure, as well as provide commercial insurance for material damage, business interruption and your people. It should allow you access to the broadest insurance cover available in the market at a reasonable cost.


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