Q: We are an incorporated trust which is also a Registered NZ Charity. How do we register changes to our deed?

1.To amend your deed, you first have to take action in accordance with the requirements of your deed (basically, hold a trust board meeting and agree the changes, minuting the decision).

2. Then go online and follow the procedure here:

3.  Once the changes have been accepted by the Companies Office you have to login at www.charities.govt.nz and follow the instructions to change your details and lodge the changes with DIA Charities. You will


If an incorporated trust which is not also a Registered Charity, only steps 1 and 2 apply. If a Registered Charity which is not also an incorporated trust, only steps 1 and 3.)

If you are an Incorporated Society, following the agreement of the members to change your Rules in accordance with your current Rules or Constitution, follow the procedures here and if also a Registered Charity, step 3 above.