We recently came across a Kiwi-led social enterprise offering a digital service that provides a quick and effortless way for your donors to access donation rebate funds. Although we have no personal experience with the service offered, we feel it may be worth at least investigating!

“Through Supergenerous, your donors will have the option to regift up to 33% of their past donations right back to your organisation.

When donors sign up to Supergenerous, they can claim for donation rebates for donations made to schools, charities and religious organisations for the past four years. With Supergenerous they never have to claim rebates again – we automate the once manual process every year going forward.

We’re passionate about creating a world where it’s effortless for charities and donors to capture the full value of generosity. Our service is free for nonprofits. Become a partner or learn more at  www.supergenerous.co.nz “

NFP Resource would welcome feedback from any NFP Resource users who have experienced the Supergenerous service.