Steven Moe of ParryField Lawyers advises that 300 people attended the CLAARC 2020 Charity Law Conference “Responding to COVID-19 – how might we #buildbackbetter?”  on 4 November, and the full 7 hours of audio has been released – the index below allows easy navigation to topics of interest.

Link to the audio can be found here and a detailed programme (pdf) can be downloaded.

01:53 Karakia, Welcome by Peter Vial and Matthew Harding

29:52 Opening Address by The Hon Justice Stephen Kós

49:58 Charities and Business: Sustainability or Distraction from the Cause? With Murray Baird, Stuart Donaldson, Fiona Martin and Andrew Phillips

1:32:29 How to be Sustainable when Asset Rich and Cash Poor with Bruce Anderson

1:46:55 Trust v Foundations and their sustainable interrelationships with Tim Watts

2:05:26 Charities Law Reform with Tai Ahu, Sue Barker, Jane Norton and Mihiarangi Piripi

2:55:44 Statements of Service Performance With Craig Fisher, Henry McClintock, Sharon Orr and Joanne Scott

3:40:47 When is it Time to Call it Quits with Craig Fisher

4:09:02 Collaborations, mergers and practical considerations of closing down with Steven Moe, Craig Fisher and Scott Moran

4:56:40 Impact Investing and how it can sustain Charities with Steven Moe, James Palmer, Rebekah Swan and David Woods

5:39:23 NZ Accounting Standards Update with Anthony Heffernan

6:30:10 Debate: Has the Concept of Charity had its day? With Jennifer Batrouney QC, David Gilchrist, Matthew Harding, Ross Hickey, Stephen Reilly and Jarrod Walker

7:02:12 Wrap up by Peter Vial