We are a registered charity. When and where should our Charity Number be used?

Your registration number (in the form CC12345) should be shown at least on letterheads, brochures, donation forms and anything which can be construed as seeking or accounting for funds.

Charities Services recently published this advice:

“Every registered charity is unique – and to reflect that, each charity has its own unique registration number, given to you when you are accepted for registration.

We encourage you to include your unique registration number on your website, advertising and fund-raising materials – even your emails! – to let members of the public, funders and supporters know that you have met the Charities Act’s criteria, and help signpost them to your charity’s page on the Charities Register.

Your registration number is a simple, handy promotional tool, which you can use to differentiate your charity from non-registered organisations, and help encourage public trust and confidence in your charity and how you use your funds to make a difference.”