RSM Hayes Audit have announced a seminar on forthcoming changes for Incorporated Societies. The seminars are being held on 31 March 2015  in Auckland and 1 April in Wellington and are principally aimed at National Organisations although a review of the announcement indicates that the seminar could possibly be of interest to other Incorporated Societies:

The announcement states:  Recent developments are converging to herald a period of unprecented [sic] change for Incorporated Societies.  This will affect legislation, financial reporting, funding, liability and tax.  This level of potential change is even more pronounced for national organisations.

Awareness is key.  Such change understood early can be seized as an opportunity.  The alternative will be to react to it later as an organisational threat.

If you are involved in the governance or management of a national Not For Profit organisation, then this 3/4 day seminar in Auckland or Wellington is for you.

As the changes are inter-related, we’ve drawn three presenters who are experts in their respective areas of governance, law and financial reporting, as well as all highly experienced in not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand.  The presentation team consists of Kevin McCaffrey of Effective Governance, Maria Clarke of Maria Clarke Lawyers, and Craig Fisher of RSM Hayes Audit; all of whom are known for their pragmatic styles.

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