Tax and Charities

We receive a number of enquiries about tax matters for charities. Please use the search function – enter ‘tax’ . The main topics are considered in these previous posts: Honoraria and Taxing payments to volunteers Fringe Benefit Tax and Charities Registering so that donations are eligible for tax credits  -o0o- IRD […]

Why are we donating millions to the taxman?

Opinion – In the bible, Jesus is reported as saying “… Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s …” (Matthew 22:21). This is indeed a tenet that is applicable in this modern world –  though for ‘Caesar’ read government (in general) or ‘The IRD’ (in particular) as Christ was referring […]

IRD rules on donations

In August 2011 the Charities Commission (now DIA Charities Services) issued this note: Inland Revenue has published a “Revenue Alert” highlighting their concerns that some people are claiming tax credits for “donations” where there may not have been a true gift of money to a charity. The arrangements that have […]